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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are used by workers who handle chemicals and toxic materials. They provide critical information, such as chemical names, hazardous ingredients, reactivity information and safe-handling instructions. SDS’s describe exactly how employees should handle materials in their day-to-day use. If there's an accident at a work site, it's critical that this information is available to assist in the treatment of exposure or poisoning.

Download Correction Enterprise Safety Data Sheets for the following products:

Safety Data Sheets
Product NameSKUData Sheet
75% Alcohol Hand Rub55-154055-2753.pdf
Acrylic Floor Finish (21% Solids)55-154055-1540.pdf
Acrylic Floor Sealer55-162055-1620.pdf
All-Purpose Cleaner55-111055-1110.pdf
Antibacterial Hand & Body Bar Soap55-090055-0900.pdf
Cleanser Powder With Bleach55-030055-0300.pdf
Dish Machine Rinse Agent55-038055-0380.pdf
Dishwasher Scale Remover55-040055-0400.pdf
Dishwashing System Detergent55-039055-0390.pdf
Floor Stripper55-200055-2000.pdf
Floral Passion Air Freshener55-070355-0703.pdf
Foaming Hand Sanitizer55-101555-1015.pdf
Freezer Cleaner55-117055-1170.pdf
Glass Cleaner55-019055-0190.pdf
Green Apple Air Freshener55-070255-0702.pdf
Hand Dishwashing Compound55-036055-0360.pdf
Hd Oven Cleaner55-217055-2170.pdf
Health Services Disinfectant55-045055-0450.pdf
Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser55-225155-2251.pdf
Holding Tank Deodorant55-220055-2200.pdf
Kitchen Sanitizer55-044055-0440.pdf
Lan-O-Clean Hand Soap55-010055-0100.pdf
Laundry Break55-172155-1721.pdf
Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap55-101055-1010.pdf
Liquid Carnuba Floor Wax55-126055-1260.pdf
Liquid Hand Soap55-096055-0960.pdf
Liquid Laundry Detergent Sour55-175155-1751.pdf
Liquid Laundry Detergent With Enzymes55-173155-1731.pdf
Liquid Laundry Softener55-176155-1761.pdf
Liquid Truck/Car Washing Compound55-210055-2100.pdf
Microbial Drain Cleaner55-226055-2260.pdf
Midnight Rain Air Freshener55-070155-0701.pdf
Mop And Flop Cleaner55-214055-2140.pdf
Multi Purpose Cleaner55-115055-1150.pdf
Neutral Disinfectant55-216055-2160.pdf
Oven Cleaner55-213055-2130.pdf
Oxy Bleach And Destainer55-174155-1741.pdf
Pine Scent Disinfectant55-202055-2020.pdf
Pine Scent Floor Cleaner55-252055-2520.pdf
Pot And Pan Detergent55-041055-0410.pdf
Powdered Laundry Detergent55-179055-1790.pdf
Pure Clean Laundry Detergent55-177055-1770.pdf
Pure White Oxygen Bleach55-178055-1780.pdf
Ready-To-Use Disinfectant55-215055-2150.pdf
Ready-To-Use Sanitizer55-230055-2300.pdf
Spray Buff (For Acrylic Floor Finishes)55-150055-1500.pdf
Stainless Steel Cleaner And Polish55-205155-2051.pdf
Tile And Grout Cleaner55-206055-2060.pdf
Waterless Hand Cleaner55-023055-0230.pdf
Windshield Washer Fluid55-211055-2110.pdf