Why buy from us?

Benefiting the Citizens of the State of North Carolina

State of North Carolina Receives:

  • A self-supported agency at no cost to taxpayers
  • Annual contributions to the State’s General Fund and the Victims’ Compensation Fund
  • Fueling of the economy through employee wages and raw material purchases
  • Returning trained, productive citizens to the community

Customers Receive:

  • Quality products and services
  • Relief from the state’s bidding process
  • Exceptional value for their purchasing dollars
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Full service operation from design to delivery and installation of products

Offenders Receive:

  • Marketable job skills
  • Development of a sound work ethic
  • Self-confidence, pride and self-esteem

Correctional Facilities Receive:

  • A means to combat offender idleness
  • A tactic to reduce costly disruptive behavior while contributing to the maintenance
    of a safe and secure environment for both offenders and staff