How to Purchase

Ordering from Correction Enterprises

This page contains information about placing orders, including methods for ordering, order requirements, and ordering special/custom products.

Please choose one of the following methods for ordering products from Correction Enterprises.

Easy Ways to Order

Through this site

    1. Browse the product catalog
    2. Add items to your cart
    3. Enter your information
    4. Confirm your cart
    5. Submit the quote request
    6. A Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly with a price quote
Please note that an order submitted from this site contains only a quote for the product. The price will change. The price quoted by the Customer Service Representative will be considered the definitive cost

NC E-Procurement

View & print instructions:
Correction Enterprises NC E-Procurement punchout (.PDF)


  1. Go to E-Procurement.
  2. Log in with your information.
  3. Under "Search" click on "Catalog".
  4. In the "Keyword Search" field, type in either a) our contract number "001A" or b) Correction Enterprises.
  5. Click the link to "Correction Enterprises (Punchout Catalog) - 001A" to shop our catalog.

Jaggaer (Formerly SciQuest)

Correction Enterprises works with SciQuest to provide punchout service to our catalog. If you are a SciQuest customer, please contact SciQuest Support at (800) 233-1121 to request this service.

Fax your orders to (919) 324-6234.

Call toll free (800) 241-0124 for the name and direct number of your sales account executive and customer service representative. In the Raleigh area, call (919) 716-3600.

Send orders to: Correction Enterprises, Sales Department, 2020 Yonkers Road, MSC 4240, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4240.

State Courier
Send orders to: NC Department of Adult Correction, Correction Enterprises, Raleigh, North Carolina, Courier Number 53-71-00.

Showroom Visit
We invite you to visit our showroom at 2020 Yonkers Road in Raleigh from 7:30AM to 4:00PM weekdays. Please call for an appointment so we can better serve you.

Order Requirements

  1. There are no minimum orders on most products from Correction Enterprises. Exceptions are noted.
  2. Please note the contact person, quote number, and phone number on all purchase orders.
  3. Both billing and shipping addresses must be shown on the order. Also include your agency name, telephone number, purchase order number, and account number.
  4. Be certain to designate the correct SKU number and quantity as well as the item description when ordering stock items. Include fabric style and color as well as frame color when applicable.
  5. Do not send check or remittance with your order. An invoice will be mailed to you following delivery.

Special/Custom Orders

  1. Custom products require written specifications and detailed drawings where applicable, and price quotations will be based on those customer-approved materials.
  2. Correction Enterprises will assist in the preparation of specifications and drawings when requested and when required. Drawings will be provided to all approving authorities.
  3. Production will not begin until after receipt of written quote acceptance, signed drawings when applicable, and purchase order.
  4. Delivery schedules will be contingent upon production schedules and customer requirements. We make every effort to coordinate delivery and installation to meet your needs.
  5. Custom orders may not be canceled, refused, or returned after receipt of purchase order with signed, approved drawings.
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