Industries We Serve

State Government Agencies

For more than 100 years, we’re the only partner who has worked closely and continuously with all state government agencies, from the largest to the smallest. We know their special needs and are proud to have earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating.


Whether Raleigh, Charlotte or Siler City, we know all about the nuances and intricacies of working with multiple types and sizes of municipal governments and purchasing processes.


County governments have relied on us for decades to help them save money on products for courthouses, jails, and administrative facilities. We know and understand the political, geographical and purchasing process differences between county and municipal governments.

Public Schools

To Correction Enterprises, public schools are a special partner. Our core mission to change the lives of inmates who work in our factories also transforms their children into better, well-behaved students. As a proud member of the North Carolina School Boards Association, we are deeply invested in public education and are proud to partner with the vast majority of public school systems.

Community Colleges

We are the trusted provider of millions of dollars in goods and services to North Carolina’s 57 Community and Technical Colleges.

UNC System Universities

From UNC Chapel Hill to Elizabeth City State and Western Carolina, Correction Enterprises is proud to be a preferred partner of the 17-campus UNC System and its hundreds of administrative and faculty leaders.

Law Enforcement and Jails

No one knows law enforcement needs better than Correction Enterprises. Embedded in the Department of Public Safety, we speak the same language and work shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders of the SBI, State Highway Patrol, police and sheriffs from around the state.

Fire and Rescue

Serving the needs of first responder organizations is in our DNA. Our director of safety is also a fire chief. We’re proud to actively attend virtually every fire and rescue conference and event in the state to know Fire and Rescue leaders by their first names.

Airports and Transportation Hubs

Whether meeting the needs of Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the Global Transpark hub in Kinston or the Port of Morehead City, we speak the language of public air, ground and sea transportation leaders.


Correction Enterprises understands non-profits because we, too, have a purpose-driven mission and must operate on a tight budget with limited resources.

Associations, Boards and Commissions

There are hundreds of associations, boards and commissions across North Carolina, each with a unique mission to serve member groups or oversee an important government function. No one knows them better than we do because our leaders have led or served on many such organizations.

Contractors Working on Government Projects

More than 31,000 general contractor firms are licensed to work on government projects in North Carolina. All can save time and money by partnering with Correction Enterprises. We’re the only provider that has assigned a consultant to exclusively serve this important partner group.

Public Employees and Retirees

By state law, public employees and retirees can purchase up to $2,500 in Correction Enterprises products annually.

NEW: National Guard Members

For the first time ever, active National Guard members can now directly purchase Correction Enterprises products the same as government employees and retirees.

Non-Government Partner Production Services

Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (P.I.E.)

Government Hospitals and Clinics

Correction Enterprises has served state-operated hospitals and clinics for decades and recently resumed laundry services for Veterans Administration hospitals.

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