Traffic Signage

Traffic signs, Custom signs, Engraved signs, and more.

Correction Enterprises has been manufacturing quality signage since 1946. Our modern facilities and equipment enable us to manufacture signs quickly and at a savings to our customers.

Our signs are made to spec, and are in compliance with all NC DOT and MUTCD guidelines.

Hidden Workforce

Inmate workers learn valuable job skills by setting up and operating machines to cut, punch, form, print and laminate metal.


The inmates take a tremendous amount of pride in what they do and quality work that they produce.




The North Carolina Department of Transportation and Correction Enterprises has forged a lasting relationship throughout the years based on collaboration and the desire to produce and receive exceptional signing products. This type of relationship has allowed us to coordinate and receive critical signs prior to hurricanes, flooding events, and work through unprecedented obstacles such as budget, material disruptions and a pandemic. We depend on their quality signing products to guide and inform the highway users in North Carolina and look forward to our continued partnership.

Renee Roach
State Signing and Delineation Engineer
North Carolina Department of Transportation