Braille Transcription Services

Quality braille transcription at prices you can afford.

Prices starting at $4.50 for new transcriptions and $2.25 for reprints.

We have professional staff who are certified in Literary, Textbook Formatting Print-to-Braille 2011,
Nemeth and Science, Literary Proofreading, Music and Proficiency in UEB.

Literary (EBAE and UEB)

  • Novels
  • Instructional Manuals
  • Business Cards
  • Transportation Schedules
  • Menus
  • Religious Studies
  • Invitations
  • Applications
  • Forms
  • Cookbooks
  • and More

Textbooks (EBAE and UEB)

  • Textbooks (all subjects)
  • Workbooks
  • Manuals
  • Test Booklets
  • K-12 Mathematics
  • and More


  • Detaching
  • Comb Binders
  • 19 Hole Punch
  • Poly Vinyl Covers
  • Braille Labels

Other Services

  • Computerized Tactile Graphics
  • E-Files
  • Thermoforming
  • Proofreading
  • Embossing
  • Perkins Braille
  • Writer Repair

Our braille transcription process meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) and Unified English Braille (UEB).

For additional information and pricing, contact
Customer Service or call us at 800.241.0124.

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Meaningful Work Experience

The Department of Correction is committed to providing all, offenders male and female with the opportunity to work and to better themselves. Working not only provides them with both hard-skills and soft-skills training, it also helps to save state and community resources by providing quality goods and services to government agencies at competitive market prices.

At Correction Enterprises, our main goal is to provide meaningful work experience for offenders as they produce quality "Made in North Carolina" products and services to government agencies, as well as their employees, both current or retired. They help save the taxpayers money.