About Correction Enterprises

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Working within the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Correction Enterprises provides the state's inmates with opportunities to learn job skills by producing goods and services for the Department of Public Safety and other tax-supported entities.

No money is appropriated by the General Assembly for the operation of Correction Enterprises. This organization aids in the rehabilitation of inmates by teaching them job skills that are easily transferable to the private sector upon release.

Correction Enterprises consists of 32 separate revenue producing operations located throughout the state, plus administrative offices in Raleigh and a central warehouse in Apex. The Enterprises operation employs approximately 380 staff and 2300 inmate workers.

Correction Enterprises Plant Locations

It is the intent of North Carolina Correction Enterprises to provide the highest quality goods and services to its customers at competitive prices.

It is through the vigilance of each Enterprises employee and the constructive feedback from Enterprises customers that products and services continuously improve.

Supporting Statutes

G.S. § 148-128 Authorization for Correction Enterprises

G.S. § 148-129 Purposes of Correction Enterprises

G.S. § 148-132 Distribution of Products & Services

G.S. § 148-134 Preference for Division of Adult Correction of the Department of Public Safety products.