Videos & Multimedia

Correction Enterprises is proud to present the following videos demonstrating our mission, products & services.

The Correction Enterprises Story

Where everybody wins!

Correction Enterprises provides meaningful work experience and rehabilitatitve opportunities for inmates and quality goods and services to tax supported entities at a savings to taxpayers.

The Hidden Workforce

Turning an ex-offender in to an excellent employee.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety, through Correction Enterprises and the Inmate Construction Program trains inmates in various trades through hands-on applied work experience.

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Caledonia Correctional Institution Honey Bees

Offenders Learn Bee Keeping

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety, making honey. See how offenders are learning bee keeping and how it benefits North Carolina

N.C. License Tag Production

See how license tags are produced.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety, making license tags is one of North Carolina's oldest prison industries. See how the tags are produced.

Correction Enterprises Dental Tech Program

Providing training for the future!

Watch as inmates graduate from Correction Enterprises dental tech program.

Prisoners graduate from dental tech program