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Prescription Eyeglasses for State Employees

Before a quote can be given or an order taken, all State Employees must fill out the following application form (80KB .pdf). This form must be completed and submitted to Correction Enterprises Customer Service along with a copy of your state identification badge before a quote can be issued.

Once an order for prescription eyeglasses has been placed with Correction Enterprises, it can not be canceled. Payment is due upon receipt.

Getting Started

  1. Get your prescription from your doctor.
  2. Fill out the Account Application.
  3. Make an appointment by calling Correction Enterprises.

Appointments must be made for eyeglass orders to be taken. Please call Optical Services at 919-716-3600 (option 2) in order to make your appointment.

Find a Location
Correction Enterprises - Administration
2020 Yonkers Rd, Raleigh, NC 27604-2258 (map)
Hours: Tue 9am-5pm/Wed 8:30am-4:30pm
Services: Order/Pickup/
Call: 1-800-241-0124 to make an appointment

Standard & Premium Frame Pricing

Frames Cost
Standard Frame (view standard frame selection) $49.00
Premium Frame (view premium frame selection) $49.00