Reupholstery Services

North Carolina Correction Enterprises offers a furniture Reupholstery service to all user agencies.

Swatch cards of standard design and color of fabrics and vinyls are available upon request. Combinations of fabric and vinyl can be accommodated, but the price will be based on the fabric selection.

In 2006, the plant reupholstered over 1,200 pieces of office furniture and manufactured over 5,000 mattresses and 10,000 pillows for use by state and county prisons.

Workforce: 48 (approximate) inmate workers and 3 staff positions.

Order Information

Prices for reupholstery services are based on several factors:

  • Yardage of fabric required (Varies by size and style of the piece to be reupholstered)
  • Fabrics can be provided by customers for a savings
  • Need for additional repairs parts (casters, lift, base, etc)
  • No minor repair or refinishing of wooden parts
  • Any required transportation cost

State Employee Reupholstery Disclaimers

State Employee Order Form

Furniture Identification Labels


Brass Tack Pricing

70-2800-00 INDIVIDUAL TACKS $3.30 per ft

Please call Correction Enterprises customer service for swatch cards and assistance in determining reupholstery prices. We can be reached at (800)241-0124 or (919)716-3600 for information or ordering.

Sample Fabric Patterns

Cloth Patterns

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Vinyl Patterns

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Mesh/Stretch Patterns

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